An aerial view of Vetri Vikaas campus and school buildings

Making learning insightful and enriching

Making learning collaborative, even beyond the classroom
VVPS campus

Learning Environment

At VVPS, we believe learning should have a significant experimental component over and above visualizing classroom instruction. This requires the emphasis in learning on a spirit of open and continuing inquiry, and practical work constitutes a significant fraction of the child's total experience in school. In the early years of school, children learn by "doing" rather than sitting at desks with formal work. They learn in a variety of ways; visually (by looking), auditory (by hearing) and kinesthetic (by actively getting involved in activities). Hence, we have several digital classrooms to provide a variety of learning environment. After the vivid training to the students, they may able to create their own presentations and exhibit it during the inter mural competitions that has attracted the public interest which shows the success of the methods adopted in our institutions.

VVPS campus

House Systems

The school creates competitive environment to excel in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through house system. The school has the following houses : Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin. Through these houses the students develop the leadership qualities and values of life.

VVPS campus

A home away from Home

The living spaces are home like rather than like dormitories. Children live in spacious, ventilated, hygienic, pleasant, safe, green and easy to maintain rooms which are designed to be. Hopefully children will get come to life calls by tweeting of birds rather than from the caretaker. A laundry service is provided. Children are provided with wholesome and balanced diet. We promote a healthy life style and believe in preventive health care. In all, there will be 24 x 7 monitoring for the children and have emergency contingent measures if necessary.

VVPS campus

Mid – Day – Meal

We offer nutritious and delicious lunch for the day boarders from the classes Pre – KG to VIII.

VVPS campus


The library is digitalized with barcode facility and well stocked with more than three thousand volumes, hundred magazines and numerous journals. Reference books for all the subjects is available. To quench the thirst of students in reading, more than fifteen monthly/fortnightly periodicals related to subjects are subscribed. Article indexing of the back issues is also done to facilitate easy access. Internet and the photocopying facilities are available throughout the working hours. Books are lent to staff members and students periodically.

Special Section for the NEET/JEE aspirants is set up with more than 100 books