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Every child is born a discoverer, propelled by the instinctive need to know more
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About School Brilliance Award(SBA)

The School Brilliance Award(SBA) envisions a successful school as a well-oiled machine, as well as a healthy organism, and will set benchmarks for best practices in the three prongs of managerial skills, academic quality, and community engagement. Beyond rewarding individual schools, the awards provide a unique and rigorous tool of self-analysis that can help schools consolidate their strengths and gain an understanding of their challenges. Unlike many other school awards that solely measure outcomes through school results, these awards engage schools in a process-oriented approach, where, reflecting educational assessment trends worldwide, a more holistic idea of educational experience and learning outcomes will be measured.

School Brilliance Award: A holistic view of a intelligent and charismatic leader with the right blend of support and equipment, engraving principles and character which enhance nurture and mould the future generations. This award is an achievement of bliss and flamboyance.

Leadership and Management: This award measures effective managerial and organizational skills, development and implementation of strategic goals by school leaders, the quality, and the living presence of values/motto adopted by the school.

VVPS campus

State Level Karatae Competition - Aug 4, 2013

X-Public Exam 2012-13

  • Bronze Medal → Kathas → S.Pragadheeswari, Cl-VII
  • Bronze Medal → Kathas → M.E.Lokshana, Cl-V
  • Bronze Medal → Kathas → Nalvinaiarasi, Cl-VI
  • Silver Medal → Kathas → Sub Junior Team
  • Silver Medal → Over all Championship
VVPS campus

District Level Chess Competition, Namakkal - Nov 16, 2013

X-Public Exam 2012-13

  • Gold Medal → Pavan Kumar , Cl-VII
  • Second Place →Over all Championship