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Excellence in academics

We have the formula for success


With the aim " Students should excel in all their pursuits" in mind, VVPS is thoughtfully designed to provide students with a vibrant learning atmosphere where they have all the opportunities to develop their potentials covering wide ranges of academic and extra curricular activities.

Regular guidance and counseling is given to help the students come out of their learning problems. Special care is given to each and every student individually taking into mind their needs. Study tutors are appointed to take care of the children during their study hours and clear their doubts. Parents are requested to motivate the children to come forward in clearing their doubts with their subject teachers. Periodical meeting of parents with teachers and Principal can help a lot in making their children come up in their studies.

VVPS campus

The Curriculum

Learning opportunities at VVPS are carefully planned to cater to the needs of all levels of ability. The learning environment is supportive and friendly, encouraging individual achievement and fostering a spirit of team work.

VVPS campus


Two important vital years of pre-primary education, that aims at making entry into school a pleasing and blissful experience is Kindergarten. Our main objective in KG is to help our tiny-tots develop their cognitive and motor skills. A strong emphasis is laid on continuous assessment which forms an integral part of the CBSE curriculum.

VVPS campus

Primary (Grades 1to 5)

Grades 1-5 make the beginning of formal learning emphasizing on the Reading and Arithmetic, through an environmental and interactive approach. We help to instill the right values and a strong sense of responsibility in all our students.

VVPS campus

Secondary (Grades 6 to 10)

The time to strengthen the intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth of the student, Ongoing evaluation and technology oriented classroom sessions ensure that each child’s progress and development are continuous and meet the standards framed by the school. The school offers an integrated syllabus of study, which prepares the students for the CBSE board examination.

VVPS campus

Senior Secondary School Grade XI & XII

Senior Secondary Education focuses on the all round development of students making them to bloom out successfully to face the world. It concentrates on training the students tackle the challenging world, focusing on NEET/ IIT.

VVPS campus

Courses Offered

Courses Offered are :
Compulsory Language : Core English

Science Stream :
Group A : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
Group B : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

Arts Stream:
Group C : Commerce, Computer Science