An aerial view of Vetri Vikaas campus and school buildings

Vetri Vikaas Public School

Whether it’s with our students, faculty, campus or alumni, there’s always something going on at VVPS!

About us

Being an Organ of Vetri Vikaas Educational and Charitable Trust, Vetri Vikaas Public School caters to the need of students in and around Rasipuram and also across the state who aim for wholesome education for their bright future.

Aiming at imparting Holistic Education to the People of Rasipuram, Vetri Vikaas Educational and Charitable Trust was started in the year 2002 under the guidelines of Dr.S.Gunasekaran Who was the Founder of the trust.

Vetri Vikaas Public School [CBSE] started with a strength of 250 in 2011 at Rasipuram, now has spread its wings across and crossing 1300 in strength.

VVPS campus

Our Motto

“Empowering Knowledge for Holistic Education”

A Vision to foster soft skills, impart and equip an excellent education to face the challenges of life.

VVPS campus

Our Vision

Educate, Engage, Empower each student to become an ethical decision-maker, high academic achiever, responsible, resolute, role model, global, compassionate and strategic citizen to succeed in a dynamic world.

VVPS campus

Our Mission

An exclusive school where students are enriched with knowledge, skills and strength of character to realise their potential to the fullest. The multi faceted activities organized in the school will make the students of VVPS physically strong, mentally alert, emotionally stable, culturally sound and socially effective.

VVPS campus

Our Maneuver

To endow with a blissful learning locale to develop self-confidence, life–oriented skills, and to prepare learners for an ever – changing global community and to afford with the scholastic foundation indispensable for them to accomplish their true potential.